What Can Be Done For Painful Tooth Infections?

When a tooth becomes severely infected, the pain can often become unbearable. Individuals often need immediate dental care because the pain becomes so debilitating and can be difficult to control with over-the-counter pain medications. The pain often radiates to the jaw and face and sometimes causes a person to run a high fever. Thankfully, there is a procedure that can stop the pain and progression of damage while preventing the infection from spreading. With root canals from bloomfield dental designs, patients can protect the health of their teeth.

While patients are often nervous about this procedure, it is imperative individuals know they will be kept completely comfortable throughout the root canal. A root canal is no more invasive than a tooth filling or a deep scaling treatment. The goal of the treatment is to remove the infected pulp and nerves so the pain sensations are stopped and the tooth is no longer in danger of necrosis.

A root canal treatment helps to immediately relieve the pressure caused by swelling and infection in the pulp. This must be removed with special tools, called canal files, that work to remove the tissue from the minute tubes in the roots. If the patient is in severe pain, the dentist will likely remove the nerves since these are only needed to feel the changes in temperature of the foods and beverages a person consumes. The nerve is no longer needed for function, and removing it will not cause harm to the tooth.


Removing the nerves allows a patient to finally feel complete relief from the unrelenting pain they have been feeling. While the tooth may continue to be sore for a couple of days because of the dental work that has been done, most individuals find the pain is much better than when the infection was in place.

After a root canal procedure, patients will need antibiotics to ensure the infection is properly cleared. If you are suffering from unrelenting tooth pain, contact bloomfield dental right away so your appointment can be scheduled and you can find relief. They will help you protect the health of your smile and prevent tooth loss.


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